What are the benefits of having a subscription?

While reading this page, you will see why having a subscription will benefit you in the game.

- More turns per 10 minutes
- Your turns will max at a higher amount
- You will get bonus reserves at the start of each round
Subscription Rates

Here is an example of the turn rates so you can all see the clear differences.
Actual numbers may change but the percentage of improvement remains the same.

Main Rounds

All players start with max turns

Free players = 1,000 turns every ten minutes while maxing at 50,000 turns.
Bronze Sub = 1,500 turns every ten minutes while maxing at 75,000 turns.
Silver Sub = 2,500 turns every ten minutes while maxing at 125,000 turns.
Gold Sub = 3,500 turns every ten minutes while maxing at 175,000 turns.
Diamond Sub = 5,000 turns every ten minutes while maxing at 250,000 turns.

Mini Rounds*needs updating

All players will max at 200,000 turns.

The Rates are the following
Free players = 25,000 turns every 10 minutes
Bronze Sub = 30,000 turns every 10 minutes
Silver Sub = 35,000 turns every 10 minutes
Gold Sub = 43,000 turns every 10 minutes
Diamond Sub = 50,000 turns every 10 minutes

Reserve Benefits
**This is for ALL rounds**

Free players = 25,000 Reserves
Bronze Sub = 50,000 Reserves
Silver Sub = 100,000 Reserves
Gold Sub = 150,000 Reserves
Diamond Sub = 200,000 Reserves

Banking Benefits

Free Players = 2.5%
Bronze Sub = 5.0%
Silver Sub = 7.5%
Gold Sub = 10%
Diamond Sub = 15%

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions will be in Gold, Answers in Red.

What happens if I re-new my subscription before it expires?

If you re-purchase your subscription before it expires, you will recieve the turn's you would have recieved if you hadn't re-purchased your sub in reserves. We do this because we feel if you spend, you get your money's worth, and are not scammed out of any turns you may purchase.

If I re-buy my subscription, will I recieve the start up bonus again?

No, you will never recieve something that was already given to you, unless you upgrade. For example, say you have a 10$ subscription end right after a round begins, and you renew it for another 10$, you will not recieve the bonus again. Although, say you upgraded to the 40$ subscription, you would then recieve the difference in turns/reserves that you missed from the begining of the round because you upgraded, rather than renewed.

**We would also like everyone to know, that 40% of the subscriptions bought, do go into the Jackpot**